Party Bus Prices

The price for a party bus tour consists of two components:

Travel costs + Booking duration

Travel costs:

The price for the journey varies depending on the start and destination of the party bus tour. Here are the travel costs for a few cities in Bavaria:

Party bus Munich 190€
Party bus Nuremberg 190€
Party bus Ingolstadt 310€
Party bus Augsburg 350€
Party bus Erlangen 230€
Party bus Fürth 210€
Party bus Starnberg 250€
Party bus Regensburg 360€
Party bus Landshut 250€
Party bus Erding 190€
Party bus Rosenheim 250€
Party bus Freising 190€
Party bus Bamberg 270€
Party bus Neumarkt i.d.OPf. 250€

Your city is not listed?

We will be happy to calculate the travel costs for your party bus tour on request.

Booking duration:

US school bus party bus for up to 15 guests
Price per 30 Minutes 120,00€
US school bus party bus for up to 20 guests

Price per 30 Minutes 130,00€
US school bus party bus for up to 26 guests

Price per 30 Minutes 140,00€

Half an hour standby (e.g. break for a restaurant visit) costs 50 € regardless of the number of people.


A 1.5 hour party bus tour through Munich with up to 15 people costs a total of 550 €. The travel costs for a tour in Munich are 190 € plus 3 times 120 € for the booked time with up to 15 people.

Everything is included in that price except for the drinks. You can find our drinks menu with prices here.